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Word Work Practice ~ Prefixes

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23 printable word work practice sheets. The practice sheets are a companion to the Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes and Suffixes. Each practice sheet provided the following practice:

Write, Circle, Underline
This allows students to take apart words and identify their parts. Students write the words in the word bank, circle the prefix and underline the root.

Students will determine if a given word is a neologism or a true word. A neologism is a made-up word that consist of common prefixes, roots, and suffixes. The word does not currently exist, but makes sense to others and could potentially become a part of the language.

Word Detectives
Students need to see and use words and their word parts beyond simply memorizing them. Each practice page requires students to look within their own reading to find words that contain the prefix. Students will find words that contain the correct letters, such as the “de” in dealing, but it isn’t a prefix. The “de” is part of the word. The word would not exist without it. We want students to find both types and then sort them accordingly.

Prefixes included:
pre, anti, dis, de, im, un, in, en, sub, trans, com, non, mis, re, ir, fore, inter, over, under, semi, super, mid, tele, auto, col, con, il, mega, micro, multi, per, poly, pro, tri, uni

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