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Digital & Printable End of the Year Memory Book

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Digital End of the Year Memory Book Version

The digital memory book contains eleven pages (including cover) for students to reflect on their memories from their school year. The digital version is similar to the printable version with one exception. Instead of students getting autographs from students, they include pictures of their classmates. Asking classmates for a selfie would be a great way to collect pictures! (If you already own the printable version, you can download the file again and receive the digital version for free!)

Printable End of the Year Memory Book Version

The printable end of the year memory flipbook was created with the idea that students could make it their own, and it would be something that they would want to keep!

This tiny book provides many different combinations, 252 to be exact! How is that so? The flipbook was created to include a cover and five pages. There are a total of ten designs and each design comes in five different sizes allowing you or your students to create the flipbook of your choice.

The flipbook printable page options include:

  • Awesome Autographs
  • Magnificent Me
  • Subject Favorites
  • Sizzling Summer
  • The award goes to...
  • Next year...
  • Favorite Memories
  • Top Three Reads...
  • Fantastic Favorites
  • Best Buds

There are many options for creating the flipbook. Two of my favorite options are:

Allow students to choose the pages that they want to use to complete their flipbook so that it’s individualized specifically to them. Ask them what they want to remember from this school year. To save paper, have students decide the pages they want to include before making copies.

Have the entire class create the same book.

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