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Word Work Bundle (Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots)

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Purchase the bundle and save on this go to resource for teachers teaching prefixes, suffixes, and roots! Everything you need to jazz up word work and get your students excited about word parts!

By combining the Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Roots with the Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes & Roots, students will interact and become experts with 35 of the most common prefixes, 36 most common suffixes, and 16 roots.

Assessments are now included with this bundle!

The Bundle includes the following:

Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots

An ENTIRE YEAR'S worth of word work planned out step-by-step.


Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Suffixes.


Word Work Assessments

Prefixes included:

pre, anti, dis, de, im, un, in, en, sub, trans, com, non, mis, re, ir, fore, inter, over, under, semi, super, mid, tele, uni, con, multi, il, per, tri, poly, mega, auto, pro, col, micro

Suffixes included:

er, ian, ment, est, less, ly, ive, ence, or, ed, sion, ify, ity, ness, ous, ing, tion, en, able, ant, ance, ible, ent, ee, ure, al, y, ation, ic, ion, ize, ory, ary, ology, arium, es

Roots that have been added:

spec, pose, port, mov, form, fin, ang, gram, gon, mot, vis, aud, graph, vock/voc, bio, terr

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