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Prefixes and Suffixes Activities | Print + Digital

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Recently updated!!!! Now includes a digital version using Google Slides!

Students will interact and become experts with 35 of the most common prefixes, 36 most common suffixes, and 16 roots.

What you will find:

Full page colorful examples of each prefix and suffix are included in the notebook.

Each page contains a “My Word List”. This provides students with a place to write words that they already know or come across in their daily reading.

Dividers that explain what a root word, prefix, and suffix is.

Each prefix/suffix page contain a variety of student printables, templates, and interactive tools. The meaning of each prefix/suffix is provided. When possible, you will find that multiple student copies are provided on one page in order to reduce copying.

Prefixes included:

pre, anti, dis, de, im, un, in, en, sub, trans, com, non, mis, re, ir, fore, inter, over, under, semi, super, mid, tele, uni, con, multi, il, per, tri, poly, mega, auto, pro, col, micro

Suffixes included:

er, ian, ment, est, less, ly, ive, ence, or, ed, sion, ify, ity, ness, ous, ing, tion, en, able, ant, ance, ible, ent, ee, ure, al, y, ation, ic, ion, ize, ory, ary, ology, arium, es

Roots that have been added:

spec, pose, port, mov, form, fin, ang, gram, gon, mot, vis, aud, graph, vock/voc, bio, terr

*Make sure to download the preview for closer look*

For a step-by-step resources for teaching the prefixes and suffixes within the interactive notebook

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