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4th Grade Math Test Prep Review

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Fourth grade math review diagnostic, activities, games, and tests for test prep!

ALL components are provided in a printable version and a self grading Google Forms that are perfect for Google Classroom or similar platforms!

Test time is upon us, and if you are like me you are scurrying around to gather materials. Of course, I have the textbook and worksheets that we have already done. I can find released items for my students to practice, but I don’t want to bore them. I know those things bore me! This is where the Amazing Race Test Prep Edition idea came in. It took some time to compile, but everything that you need is here and ready to print and go!

For an in-depth look check out this blog post!

The Amazing Race Test Prep Edition can be used in many ways. Within the resource I provide a step-by-step approach that I follow, but you may find a way that suits you better!

Every 4th grade Common Core Mathematics standard is addressed within the Amazing Race Test Prep Edition. Students will travel through a specific route. They will meet with the teacher, practice with a game, and also printable practice. They will be required to complete a performance task and test out with a multiple choice test. All of these components are provided for EACH standard!

Here is a break down of what you will find:

- A six-page diagnostic to help determine exactly where your students need additional practice. Each problem lists the standard being addressed. A student tracking sheet is also provided to easily track what students know and do not know.

- 36 one-page printable practice. One for each standard.

-36 one-page multiple choice practice. One for each standard.

29 Performance Task. One for each standard.

-34 Spin Answer game boards. One for each standard.

4 Think-Tac-Toe choice boards. One for each domain. Great for early finishers or those looking for something to do.

** Answer Keys are included for EVERYTHING**

-Everything you need to put the Amazing Race Test Prep Edition into place!

-Also…a step-by-step guide on how I implement the Amazing Race in the classroom!

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