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3rd Grade Math Intervention Games and Centers

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The 3rd-grade Math RtI Intervention Games and Centers were designed to correspond specifically with the 3rd Grade Math RtI Intervention Binder and the 3rd Grade Math RtI Assessments. These centers are perfect for students to interact with and complete after they are successful in completing a skill on their own. They are great for spiral reviewing too!

What's included? 41 math games and centers aligned to ALL 3rd-grade math standards.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

•Interpret Products

•Interpret Quotients

•Word Problems

•Fact Families

•Commutative Property of Multiplication

•Associative Property of Multiplication

•Distributive Property of Multiplication

•Relate Multiplication and Division

•Multiplication Fluency

•Division Fluency

•Multi-Step Word Problems

•Addition Patterns

•Subtraction Patterns

•Multiplication Patterns

•Division Patterns

Numbers & Operations in Base Ten

•Round Whole Numbers

•Adding Whole Numbers (2-digit)

•Adding Whole Numbers (3-digit)

•Subtracting Whole Numbers (2-digit)

•Subtracting Whole Numbers (3-digit)

•Multiply by Multiples of 10


•Understanding Fractions

•Fractions on Number Lines

•Equivalent Fractions

•Fractions as One Whole

•Compare Fractions

Measurement and Data

•Telling Time (nearest minute)

•Elapsed Time

•Metric Mass

•Metric Capacity

•Reading Picture Graphs

•Creating Picture Graphs

•Reading Bar Graphs

•Creating Bar Graphs

•Measuring (nearest ¼”)

•Create Line Plots


•Area (length x width)

•Perimeter of Polygons



•Partitioning of Polygons

Each center includes its own recording sheet and set of puzzle pieces, task cards, or sorting cards.

For easy and ink-friendly printing, all centers are provided in black and white!

If you have questions, please feel free to ask before purchasing! You can leave a question here or email me at [email protected]!

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