Grandparent’s Day

Does your school host a Grandparent’s Day?  My district hosts this special day every year.  The excitement builds and a lot of preparation goes into making this day special for the grandparents and the students.  This year will be my daughter’s first Grandparent’s Day at school and she is totally psyched!  She cannot wait to be the center of attention with both her grandmas at once!

This is an activity that I have my students complete before the arrival of their most treasured people.  It’s short, but it has a lot of meaningful questions.  After the students fill out the question portion, it’s fun to see how they perceive their grandparents.  Some of the responses make me laugh while others put tears in my eyes.

Here is what my 6-year-old completed.  I obviously wrote her responses, but they were all hers.  Love that girl and the heart she has!

Screenshot Sep 09 19.20.16


Screenshot Sep 09 19.21.31Screenshot Sep 09 19.22.36           

You can download this activity at Shop Teaching With Simplicity or at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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