Crafting Memories for Mom: Fun and Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Upper Elementary Students

Are you looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas?  As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the special women who nurture, support, and love us unconditionally. If you want your students to create something heartfelt for Mother’s Day, we’ve got you covered. From personalized photo frames to creating a paper bag book, there are endless possibilities for creative and memorable gifts. Here are some creative and meaningful ideas that will surely make this day memorable:

Creative and Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Photo Frame

Using popsicle sticks, paint, and glue, create a unique photo frame. Your students can decorate the frame with their favorite colors and add a heartfelt message or a picture of themselves and their mom. This personalized touch will make the gift extra special.

2. Hand-painted Flower Pot

This Mother’s Day gift idea is to purchase a plain clay flower pot and let your students decorate them.  I found tiny pots at the Dollar Tree. Provide them with acrylic paints and brushes, and let them create a masterpiece on the pot. They can paint flowers, their mom’s name, or any design that holds a special meaning. Once the paint is dry, they can plant Mom’s favorite flowers in the pot.

Like the one below, a less messy option is to have students use Sharpie markers instead of paint!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

3. Handmade Jewelry

Have your students create handmade jewelry for their mom for a unique and personal touch. They can string beads to make a bracelet or necklace or create a personalized keychain using small charms and colorful strings. This gift will make Mom feel special and showcase your students’ creativity.

4. Memory Jar

This gift idea is a beautiful way to capture special memories and moments shared with Mom. Have students write down their favorite memories or things they love about their mom on small pieces of paper. They can fold and place these papers into a jar, creating a jar full of love and appreciation. Mom can read a new memory each day and be reminded of the love her child has for her.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5. Garden Stone

Guide students in making personalized garden stones for their moms. Use concrete or plaster of Paris to create the stones, or simply have students pick their rock from the outdoors.  Have students decorate them with handprints, painted designs, or embedded mosaic pieces. These garden stones can be placed in outdoor gardens to symbolize love and growth.

6. Acrostic Poem

Another Mother’s Day gift idea is for students to create a heartfelt poem that can express emotions like no other gift can. Encourage your students to write a poem about their mom, expressing their love, gratitude, and appreciation. They can recall special memories, mention the qualities they admire in their mom, and express their hopes and dreams for the future. This simple yet powerful gift will surely make Mom feel loved and cherished.

7. Coupon Book

Create a coupon book filled with special offers and activities your students can do for their mom. These can include coupons for breakfast in bed, a movie night of their mom’s choice, a day without chores, or a picnic in the park. This gift lets your students offer their time and effort, making it unique and memorable.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honor the love and care that moms provide every day. It’s important for children to express their love and appreciation for their mom, not just on this day but throughout the year. By involving your students in creating a heartfelt gift, you teach them the value of gratitude and showing love to the important people in their lives.

Crafting a meaningful gift for their mom allows students to unleash their creativity, develop new skills, and build a stronger bond with their mom. These gifts become cherished keepsakes that hold sentimental value for years to come. They serve as a reminder of children’s love and appreciation for their moms and the memories they have created together.

So, this Mother’s Day, encourage your students to create a heartfelt gift for their mom. Whether it’s a personalized photo frame, a memory jar, or a handwritten poem, the effort and thoughtfulness behind the gift will make it truly special.


Mother's Day paper bag book craft

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Mother's day gift ideas
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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