Variations for the I have… Who has.. Game

I have quite a collection of I have…Who has… cards. When I create a class set, I copy them onto cardstock and laminate for durability.    I decided to begin using my cards with small groups.  Since I needed six sets, I simply copied them on plain paper.   Plain paper is much cheaper and very quick to copy, cut, and put to instant use.

When we first began using them in teams of 3-4, I had them pick any card from the stack.  This was the card that they would start with.   The teams spread the cards out on their table so they could see all the cards at once.  This turned out to be like putting a puzzle together.  There are times when they think they have finished matching the cards but end up with one left.  They then have to go back and see where they went wrong.

After a few times of putting these “puzzles” together, they have started to create their own variations of play.  I have a couple of teams that divide their cards equally among each other and play a mini game of I have…Who has…  I like the idea that they are coming up with their own way to play.  As long as they are using the cards, I’m certainly not picking on how they use them!

, Variations for the I have… Who has.. Game, Variations for the I have… Who has.. Game
, Variations for the I have… Who has.. Game


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