What are Google Add-Ons and Extensions? How Do I Find Them?

I have recently discovered a lot of Google Add-ons that make my life as a teacher so much more simple.  Google Add-ons are tools made by third party developers that add helpful functions to docs, form, or sheets.


What are google add ons and extensions
Do you want your students to automatically be directed to a website without having to type in the address?  There is an extension for that.

Maybe you want to show a YouTube video without showing the sidebar.  There is an extension for that too!

Do you want to quickly create QR codes?  There is an add-on for that!

Do you want to make grading easy?  There is an add-on for that too!

There are hundreds of free add-ons and extensions that you can add to Google, docs, sheets, and forms to simplify your life.  Simply click HERE to find what’s available!

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