FriendStrip an App for the Imagination

I will start by saying that this App is FREE!  Now, I will tell you that it’s not cool just because it’s free.  It really is pretty cool! Do not that although this app is free and there are many free comics, there are also comics within the app that require you to purchase them.  You can download all collections for $1.99.  Still very reasonable!

FriendStrip Kids is an App that is available for Apple devices and also Google play.  I’m all about Apple products so I have been playing around with it on my iPhone.

1.  Pick  a comic theme.

FriendStrip Kids IMG_2461 FriendStrip Kids

2.  Once you have made your choice, let the imagination begin!  Students can take pictures of themselves or a classmate in action and insert it into the comic strip.  The dialogue can be used as is or can be edited.


Screenshot Sep 17 18.28.35

Screenshot Sep 17 18.28.57

I thought this app was really fun and students would have a blast with it!  Do you have a favorite new app?  We would love to hear about it!

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