Cooperative Learning with Task Cards #1

With test prep season upon us, I am going to start a series of cooperative learning strategies that can be used with task cards.  Whether you have task cards that are multiple choice or simply question/answer format, the cooperative learning strategies can be used to keep your students actively engaged avoiding the monotony of simply answering questions.

Pick a Card is a strategy that I use quite often.  Directions for the strategy are below.



, Cooperative Learning with Task Cards #1

Today’s post is one of six in the series.  I have decided to add in a little extra.  I recently finished an entire set of task cards aligned to the 4th grade Common Core Math.  There are a total of 31 sets, and if purchased individually they would be valued at $69.75.  Although these cards are aligned with 4th grade common core, depending on the need of your students, they can also be used with 3rd and 5th graders.  Throughout the series there will be a total of three opportunities for you to win a complete set of task cards.

, Cooperative Learning with Task Cards #1


Today is the beginning of the giveaways.
Here is what you need to do in order to enter for a chance to win (to enter you will need a Pinterest account):


1.  Pin THIS post to a board of your choice and copy the link in Rafflecopter below.

2.  Go to my TpT store HERE, and pin at least one set of task cards to a board relevant to you and copy the link in Rafflecopter.  Please add a $ sign to the end of the description so that other Pinners will know it’s a paid item. 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Within the next six weeks in addition to a weekly tip for using task cards, there will be two more chances to win a complete set of Task Cards for 4th Grade Common Core Math.  The only catch is that you will need to stop by every Wednesday to see if it’s giveaway time.  🙂

***Winners for this giveaway will be announced on Sunday, January 13***

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