A Formative Assessment Option

Does this look familiar?


Stack after stack of papers to be graded.


I have had many of these stacks.  So many in fact that I have felt like I’m drowning in papers.  Uggg…..not fun at all!

About four years ago, I found a solution to this problem.  No more stacks for me!


My solution was this:  A composition notebook and quick formative assessments.

The 3-2-1 Strategy is one example of many formative assessments that I use in my classroom.

Slide1The poster is pretty self explanatory.  After a lesson have students list 3 things they remember, 2 examples of what they learned, and 1 question they have or something they were confused about.

If students have practiced the skill you have taught using cooperative learning strategies, this strategy will tell you a lot.  By looking at each student’s response, you can tell whether a student has grasped the skill, is progressing, or still needs help.

At the end of the lesson as students finish, I look at each student’s response to the 3-2-1 strategy.  The strategy is Brief, Reflective, Accurate, Immediate, No Sweat, AND it guides my instruction for the next day.  Do I move on or reteach?

You can download this poster here.

To learn more about how I went from stacks and stacks of grading to less grading and less stress using a composition notebook and formative assessments, click the image below!



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