A New Beginning

If you have been a fan/follower of Cooperative Learning 365 you have most likely noticed a drastic change. After a lot of debating, I took the plunge and have not only changed the look of my blog but also the purpose. This was not an easy decision for me, as Cooperative Learning 365 was my baby. When I first started blogging, cooperative learning was my one and only purpose. I wanted to share my experiences as a cooperative learning teacher. As time went on, I realized that there are so many more things that I want to share. I felt as I if I was limiting myself. If you are a blogger with a “niche” you may understand this a bit more.

Starting over as Teaching with Simplicity has been a huge leap of faith, but in my heart I believe it was the right decision for many reasons. I have a lot of tweaking to do in order to get this site up and running, but launching the site as it is now is the only way I felt was a fair transition for you, my readers.

I am EXCITED about my new adventure. I feel as this new adventure is something that I needed and am OVERLY excited about. The possibilities are endless, and I’m ready for this new page in my life!

This is as exciting as a new year school year is for us and our students. I hope I am able to bring more to the blogging and teaching world.


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