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Cursive Handwriting Worksheets Practice

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Cursive handwriting practice should still be a part of the elementary curriculum.

Why teach Cursive? Are you not sure if you should even waste your time on teaching cursive? Most of us are surrounded by technology, so why is pencil paper approach still important? Read this blog post for 5 reasons to teach cursive in the digital age: Click Here

What is in Cursive Handwriting Practice?

Each letter of the alphabet includes 2-practice pages, one for the uppercase letter and one for the lowercase letter. Each page follows a gradual release concept. Students practice it, with the support of arrows and numbers to form the letter. Then, the letter is traced with the support of dotted lines. Students write it on their own, connect the letters, and lastly write real high frequency words.

After students have learned the alphabet, they will apply their cursive handwriting using the daily wonders. The daily wonders require students to trace, copy, and then reflect on the meaning. There are a total of 50 wonders. Daily wonders are precepts

-- principles to live by. They will inspire, comfort, and challenge students.

Blank pages are provided for you to make your own and/or for extra practice!

What's the best way to teach cursive?

The best way to teach students to write in cursive is through an order of progression.

The pages within the Cursive Handwriting Practice are organized to follow a progression. You can view the progression within the preview.

How do you fit cursive handwriting practice in? Here are a few ideas: Morning work, Writing center, or Homework.


Periodically throughout the Cursive Handwriting Practice pages, you will find review pages. These review pages were placed where I felt that my students would be ready for a review and/or assessment.

There are a few options for assessing.

Use the first review page as simply the review. Students practice the letters they have used thus far. Then, use the second review page as the assessment.

Provide students with both review pages to practice. The next day, give students a clean copy of the review pages to use as an assessment.

Provide students with both review pages to practice. For the assessment, give students a blank version (included) of the review page, provide them with the words you would like them to write (similar to a spelling test) and assess their writing.

For a closer look, be sure to look at the preview.

Do you have additional questions? Please email me at [email protected].

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