Earth Day Activities and Read Alouds

It is so important to celebrate Earth Day.  Today it’s even more so!  In my classroom, we celebrate with many read alouds and activities.

Read Alouds

The Great Kapok Tree

One of my favorite read alouds is The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry!


Years ago, I created a resource to go along with The Great Kapok tree and have recently given it an update.  Not only does this FREE resource contain activities that go along with the book, but it also contains activities that simply celebrate Earth Day.


You can find this FREE resource HERE.

Explore My World Rain Forest

The Lorax

Heroes of the Environment:  True Stories of People Who Are Helping to Protect Our Environment

Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green

Why Should I Recycle?

Additional Resource

This flipbook is great for celebrating Earth Day!  Students reflect on the 3 Rs, learn ways to conserve energy, find words that are important to our conservation efforts, locate countries around the Earth, and make a pledge.

Elementary activities for earth day

You can find the Earth Day activity Flipbook HERE!

Happy Earth Day!

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