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What exactly is a CBM? CBM stands for Curriculum-Based Measure.  In other words, a CBM is a way for teachers to see how students are progressing. In this case it’s Math. You may be thinking, I do this all the time. Every single day, for every single subject. This is true, but it’s more formal. You document and provide information on students’ progress on a weekly basis.

There are many types of CBMs and even more for different subject areas. The two that I’m going to highlight are single-skill and multiple-skill. CBMs are also referred to as probes.

Single skill probes contain like problems. They assess the mastery of a particular skill. For example, the focus may be on assessing comparing fractions.

Standards Based CBM
Another CBM type is multiple-skill probes. These probes contain a mix of problems and test students’ math competencies on a range of computational objectives.

5th grade Math RTI Computational Fluency Progress Monitoring
RTI resources for Math

Next Week:  The Diagnostic for Standards Based Progress Monitoring


Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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