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In the last post, Types of CBMS, I explained the difference between standards based progress monitoring and progress monitor for computational fluency.

This week, I will explain how to give and assess the diagnostic for standards based progress monitoring.

Diagnostic for Standards Based Monitoring
This is an example of a diagnostic assessment for standards based progress monitoring.

Computational CBMs
As the teacher, you may have a pretty good idea about which students need assistance with what concepts. When first implementing RTI for math, each student should take the diagnostic assessment. The diagnostic assessment can be lengthy. I recommend administering the diagnostic over a couple of days.

Once students have completed the diagnostic, you will want to score them. For scoring purposes, score them with an all or nothing approach. The items that students miss will become a part of their intervention plan.

I use a student tracking sheet to record only the students who need interventions. For example, if a student missed adding fractions, I place a checkmark in that column. This allows me, at a glance, to see which students need interventions within each specific concept. This also assists me in forming my intervention groups.

student tracking sheet for rti
If you have a student who misses 75% of the items, you do not want to create an intervention plan for every single concept. Begin with two concepts that you feel is the most important. Once the student has mastered the concept, you can then add another.

You may have students that require an intervention, but master the concept within a week or two. In these cases, I do not continue the intervention for the full 6-12 week. Once a student has mastered the concept, they move on to another concept or participate in enrichment.

Also, once a student has mastered a concept, I periodically reassess the student to ensure that they have retained what they have learned.

Looking for RTI Math Resources like the ones above?  Find them here.

RTI resources for Math

Next Week:  The Diagnostic for Computational Fluency Progress Monitoring




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