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There are different ways in which you can score the tests.

Scoring Computational Fluency 2
You can score the tests based on the number of digits correct. For example when scoring the following problem: 13 + 18 = 31, the answer contains 2-digits and both digits are correct. The student earns 2 points. If the student answered 21, only one digit is correct, so the student earns 1 point.

You can also score students based on the percentage correct.

Another way, which I find easier and just as reliable, is to score students on the number of problems they get correct.

After students have taken the CBM, I grade them by using the last scoring method.  They are graded according to the problems they get correct.  If the problem was solved correctly, I place a checkmark in the box.  After all problems have been assessed, I add up all the checkmarks and place that number on the top.  This score is what I plot on their progress graph, and they also plot on their own graph.

Scoring Computational Fluency

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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