Online Math Facts Practice Students Will Love

I have been looking for an online site for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math kiddos to practice their math facts.  I recently came across Math Fact Pro.  I tested it out for a few weeks with my students and decided it was a good match for us.

Online Math Fact Practice
I needed one site where my students could practice the facts that they needed to practice on.  At this point in the year my third graders need to practice addition and subtraction.  My fourth and fifth graders need to practice on multiplication and division.

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1.  It’s differentiated, because students work at their own pace.  The students that take longer to master their facts continue to work on the facts that they need to.  The students that progress faster, get to go on and not wait for the students that aren’t progressing as fast.

2.  It’s easy to set up.  Enter your students’ names, whether you want them to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and how many facts that you want them to practice.

Math Facts Pro
3.  Immediate feedback for students.  If they answer a fact incorrectly, it lets them know immediately and then provides them with the correct answer.  After they have finished the number of facts that they are to complete, they are directed to a page that tells them how many facts they have mastered.  My classes love to see how many facts they know.  It is providing internal motivation.

4.  It’s quick!  Students can log in and complete the facts within five minutes.  There is no grading, no papers, it’s easy!

5.  Teacher reports.  Teachers can log in to see each students progress.  It tells you when they practiced last, how many facts they have memorized (they have to answer a problem in 3 seconds or less to be considered memorized), and what facts they have not yet memorized.

I really think you will find this site useful.  Not only do my students and I love it, it’s affordable at $1 per student.  Let me know what you think!

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