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Last week I discussed and showed the rate of improvement that we should expect from students, how to graph their results, and the types of goals.

You know all of this, but how often should students be assessed?

Frequency of Progress Monitoring
I have chosen to assess my students on a weekly basis.  They know that every Friday, they are going to take the assessment.  They are excited about it, because they can’t wait to see how they have improved!

While I have chosen to assess weekly, monitoring can occur to fit your needs and the need of your students.  Bi-weekly or monthly progress monitoring is also an option.  When deciding on how often to give a CBM probe, you first need to decide what your purpose is.

  1. If CBMs are being used for screening or benchmarking, you will want to give them three times a year.  Fall, winter, and spring.
  2. If CBMs are for progress monitoring, which is what should be happening when implementing RtI, students considered at risk should be assessed one to two times a week.
  3. CBMs can be administered for ALL students on a monthly basis to determine the effectiveness of instruction.

RTI resources for Math
So, what would your purpose be for administering a CBM?

Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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