February Teaching Resources

It sounds as if the groundhog saw his shadow, so that means six more weeks of winter!  Here in southwest Missouri, we haven’t seen much of a winter yet.  Last year we missed a total of 21 days due to snow.  This year we have missed a total of one day!  I do believe we have the craziest weather.  I just want a little bit of snow!

Since it’s February, I have a handful of February Teaching Resources that I want to share with you.  So, here we go!

February Teaching Resources for upper elementary

Free Resources

Free game for valentine's day

Download I have… Who has… Valentine’s here

Valentine's day activities for upper elementary

Download the Valentine Think Tac Toe here

Free elementary activities for President's Day

Download I have…Who has President’s Day here

Other Resources

Add a little color to your math with the February Color by Number for 3rd Grade and also 4th grade.

3rd Grade February Color Number 3rd Grade February Color Number








The following Common Core Math Standards are addressed in the February issue for 3rd Grade:

3.OA.3 Multiplication and Division Facts
3.OA.7 Multiplication & Division Fluency
3.NBT.3 Multiplying by Multiples of 10
3.NF.1 Understanding Fractions
3.NF.2 Writing Fractions on a Number Line
3.NF.3 Comparing Fractions
3.NF.3 Equivalent Fractions
3.MD.1 Telling Time
3.MD.2 Liquid Volume & Mass
3.MD.4 Measure to the Nearest ½ Inch
3.MD.5 Area

You can learn more about February Color By Number for 3rd Grade Math here.

 4th Grade Color by Number 4th grade color by Number








The following Common Core Math Standards are addressed in the February issue for 4th Grade:

4.NF.1 Equivalent Fractions
4.NF.2 Compare Fractions
4.NF.3 Add and Subtract Fractions
4.NF.4 Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers
4.NF.5 Fractions with Denominators of 10 and 100
4.NF.6 Connect Fractions and Decimals
4.NF.7 Compare Decimals
4.MD.1 Units of Measurement
4.MD.2 Measurement Word Problems
4.MD.3 Area and Perimeter

You can learn more about February Color By Number for 4th Grade Math here.

Upper Elementary Problem Solving Upper Elementary Problem Solving









Looking for a way to differentiate problem-solving?  February Differentiated Problem Solving Pack includes 24 math problems centered around the month of February and is perfect for grades 3-5!

There are a total of 24word problems. There are two word problems per page making them a perfect addition to your math journal or math center. Each problem allows students to show their work in the provided space. Word problems are provided in both color and black and white for your printing preferences

Do you want to challenge students? The word problems are also provided in a full-page format. In addition to solving the word problem, students are asked to use the same information to create and solve their own problem. This allows for differentiation.

You can learn more about the February Differentiated Problem Solving Pack here.

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