5 New Year Activities for the Classroom

It’s the first day back to school after the New Year, and all your students want to do is talk.  They want to tell you what they got for Christmas, what they did for the New Year, you name it.  Sound familiar?

Here are 5 New Year activities that allow your students to talk and share while giving them a purpose and provide opportunities for team building and class building.

Find a Buddy Who

This activity allows students to walk around the room, ask questions, and find a “buddy who” fits the scenario.


Pick a Card

Students are given a set of question cards.  In teams, students take turns asking the questions on the cards.  These questions are all about them!

Compare and Contrast

Students compare and contrast their own New Year’s traditions with the Chinese New Year’s traditions. Scholastic has a good article for students to read about the traditions of the Chinese New Year. The article titled Happy Chinese New Year!, can be found here.


The New Year Times

Have students create a newsletter where they get to write and draw about what they did. Another option is to have students write about what they think will be coming up for them in the new year or to write a resolution in the “Coming Up” section.

Create a Flipbook

This flipbook is perfect for students to create and share with classmates.  It’s also a great keepsake for parents!


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Talking About the New Year ~ FREE Printables


New Year Activities Flipbook

Happy New Year!

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