4 Free New Year Classroom Activities

New Year Classroom Activities

Navigating the first day back to school after the New Year can be exhausting because students want to share everything they did over their break! They want to tell you what they got for Christmas, what they did for the New Year, you name it. Sound familiar?

Consider incorporating some engaging New Year activities into your classroom to utilize all the students’ energy. Not only do they allow students to share, but they also promote teamwork!

Fun and engaging teaching ideas for upper elementary students for the new year

1. Find a Buddy Who

This interactive activity aids in developing social skills and team-spirit among your students. It encourages students to find classmates who have certain characteristics or experiences relating to the New Year. For instance, find a buddy who made a resolution or a buddy who watched the fireworks. This fun activity can kickstart meaningful conversations and connections among classmates and provide you with a structured way for students to share!


Fun activities to start the New Year for upper elementary students

2. Pick a Card

A simple yet versatile activity, where students pick a card with a question or a task related to the New Year. These questions range from sharing their new year’s resolution to discussing a significant event from the previous year. It prompts students to think independently and share their holiday adventures.


Fun activities to start the New Year for upper elementary students

3. Compare and Contrast

Explore cultural diversity by having students compare and contrast their New Year traditions with the Chinese New Year. Use picture books like these to provide insights into Chinese traditions to foster rich discussions on the differences and similarities between the traditions.

Fun activities to start the New Year for upper elementary students

4. The New Year Times

Transform your classroom into a newsroom! By creating their own newsletter, students can recount their holiday experiences and write about what they think will be coming up for them in the new year or write a resolution in the “Coming Up” section.

Fun activities to start the New Year for upper elementary students

5. Create a Flipbook Keepsake

Personalized flipbooks are perfect for students to showcase their New Year experiences! These flipbooks are both a creative outlet and a keepsake that fosters accomplishment and pride!

Fun activities to start the New Year for upper elementary students

These New Year classroom activities offer a structured yet flexible approach to kick-start meaningful conversations and create a vibrant learning environment for the New Year!

You can grab this FREE New Year activity pack in our Free Resource Library.  The activity pack includes:

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Printable and digital new year flip book for any grade

In addition to these New Year classroom activities, you can find more teaching resources for January here.

Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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