Month by Month Word Study

I used to dread teaching prefixes, suffixes, and roots more than anything else.  Finding resources were few and far between and were usually worksheet based.  The resources that were available that went beyond the worksheet, needed so much prep.  This is where the Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots comes into play!  Are you ready for this?

month by month word study
Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots contains an ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of word work planned out step-by-step and was created to teach The Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes and Suffixes one of my favorite products.  Both resources are considered to be stand alone resources, but putting them together creates a firm word study program and it’s so much fun!  Worksheet be gone!

prefixes and suffixes word study

Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Suffixes is sold separately here.

This particular resource was in my mind for over six months! I wanted it to be perfect and kept going back and forth on the best way to present it to you. After many, many months of deliberating in my own mind I decided to make one complete product. From experience, students that interact with these words on a daily basis will be more likely to retain what they learn and extend their learning to what they read and write. With that said, this resource is HUGE, but each month students will continue to work with words and word parts previously learned. All activities were designed to take approximately 15-20 minutes, that’s it! It’s doable and it works!

New Cover
Within the teacher directions, you will find multiple ways for using the resources. Don’t be overwhelmed with the hundreds of copies that you would have to make, because it isn’t necessary. There are options!!

What is included within the Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots:

There are a total of 50 target words that students will interact with throughout the year. Each target word centers around a root and contains a prefix, suffix, or both. Students will refer back to target words every week and build connections with new words they encounter.

Each target word comes with a teacher planning page and contains the following:

planning page

A flapable is provided for students to complete when a word is introduced.  Students write the target word, box the root, and underline the prefix and/or suffix.  A box is also provided for students to rate their understanding of the word.

vocabulary rating scale


You can download the free vocabulary rating scale HERE.

After students have rated their understanding of the new target word, they define the word, use it in a sentence, and illustrate it under the flap.


The study and activities for each target word will follow the acronym for WORDS.


The WORDS display can be downloaded HERE for free.


Each activity contains a printable and step-by-step directions.
Activities include Word Breakdown, Word Sort, Word Invention, Word Spoke, Make Words (2 versions), and Guess My Word

word activities
Spiral Review activities

Target Word Cards – Students manipulate previously introduced prefixes, suffixes, and roots to make new words. Words can be real or neologisms (words that make sense according to word parts, but they are not real words found in the dictionary).

target word cards
Mind Reader Flip Cards – Students review target words previously introduced. Students are given clues, make predictions based on the clues, and eventually make their way to the target word.

Word Riddles – Students review target words previously introduced by answering riddles.

word riddles

Answer Keys
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