You’re a Star

I’m not sure when the last time was that I brought up the words, MAP test. Believe me, I have been adding in review on a daily basis, but in a non-stressful way. They know we are reviewing, but by incorporating games and a lot of cooperative learning activities it has been fun . I thought about, and even began organizing, testing type centers. I ultimately decided against it and decided to simply hit things as needed. I think that it might be a little more work, we are not following the same test prep routine on a daily basis, but I don’t notice the burnout from my students which is extremely important.

Nine more school days until testing for us. My students are ready! When we do talk about the “test”, I tell them that it is their time to shine. It is the time to show what they know. I have a certificate that I give them before the big day.  Just a little motivator to make them feel important.  Besides, what kid doesn’t like to have a certificate to show off?

You can download this certificate HERE.

, You’re a Star

What do you do to motivate your students?  I would love to read about them!

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