Videos Worth Viewing

I recently came across a collection of videos that I thought were worth sharing!  Each video has a different purpose, but each one serves a great one!



Idioms on Vimeo

The title here explains it all.  This is a short clip on idioms.  It’s quite cute and will keep you guessing the entire time.

Kid President

Have you heard of Kid President?  I had not seen or heard of him until my 14-year-old stepdaughter shared him with me.  This kid grabbed my attention instantly!  He is very inspirational.   You can read his story and watch 40 different videos with him as the main focus.


BullyBust contains a collection of video clips from well-known movies.  The theme is bullying of course.  Each video clip includes discussion prompts that can be used before and after viewing each clip.


Technology provides us with an endless number of resources.  Resources that we more than likely would not be able to get our hands on otherwise.  I also recently came across the above quote, and I agree with it 100%!  We have to remember that no matter the technology available, teachers are the most important and technology is just a tool!



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