Test Prep Strategies

Every year around February, I begin to feel a little stressed.  I have been diligently teaching my students, providing encouragement, and opportunities for growth but then I start thinking about the dreadful “State Test”.  I map out the days left until the test begins, pull out test prep worksheets, yes worksheets, and then I calm down a bit.  I think why would I give them practice test after practice test to prepare?  I don’t do this on a normal day, so why start now?  It never fails, it happens every year and then I come to my senses and do what I do.  I create opportunities for review by engaging my students with fun interactive activities that are meaningful and reach ALL learners.

I have been surfing the web for resources and have found many great ones.  I have a Pinterest board simply dedicated to test prep.  Here is a snapshot of what you will find there.  Click the picture to be taken directly to the board.

, Test Prep Strategies
This weekend, I have also been busy compiling a Test Prep Strategies e-book.  The book has a total of 36 pages!  If you are tired of reviewing the same way over and over again, this may help.  My Test Prep Strategies e-book contains strategies to engage your students with review while steering away from the monotonous fill in the bubble practice test and students working in isolation.  The e-book contains the following:
  • 15 general tips for success
  • 13 strategies to actively engage students with test prep
  • Ideas on ways to use each strategy for Math and Language Arts test prep
  • Additional tips for each strategy
  • 13 kid friendly strategy posters
  • 3 templates to create your own reviews
  • Also, as a bonus, the 13 kid friendly strategy posters are included in PowerPoint allowing you to project directions for students to see.

Test Prep Strategies is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  You can find it HERE or by clicking the image.

test Prep
If you have test prep ideas, I would love to hear them!  If you have something to Pin, let me know and I would be happy to add it to my board!

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