Preparing for Post Halloween Jitters

It’s the day after Halloween and your students walk in the room sleepy from being out too late, pockets full of candy, and wanting to talk about everything they did the night before.  Sound familiar?  I have determined that being proactive with this scenario works best for me.

So, here is what I do.  I make sure that the day after Halloween I carve five minutes out of my daily routine.  I want to allow time for ALL my students to share about their exciting evening.  Yes, I said five minutes and I also said all.  It’s really simple.  I give them the activity below, Find a Buddy Who-The Day After Halloween.  They get to mingle, talk with classmates, and burn off some of that post-Halloween excitement.  Five minutes first thing in the morning, and we are ready to go.

, Preparing for Post Halloween Jitters


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