Poster Sized Prints for the Classroom

Do you have a letter sized printable that you wish you could enlarge? Of course you could send it to a copier, pay to have it printed, and then have to travel unknown distance to pick up your poster sized printable.

Did you know that there is a way to do it from your personal or school printer?  It is super simple and creates great results!

This is what the original printable looked like.  The run of the mill 8-1/2 by 11 inch letter sized paper.  I could easily print a copy of the choice board for all my students, but my goal was to display the choice board for all my students to see.  Also, if I printed a choice board for all my students, I wouldn’t have been able to justify printing in color.

Poster Choice Board2
By following these 3 steps, this is what I ended up with.  I had a 24″ x 32″ poster sized choice board for all my students to see!

Poster Choice Board
This is what you do in Adobe Acrobat:

1.  Choose file –> print.  Be sure you are viewing the page that you want to print.  Then, choose “current page”.

2.  Next, click the poster option.

Poster Sized Printing 5

3.  The last thing that you need to do, before choosing print, is to decide on how big you want your poster, and input that number into the tile scale.

Poster Sized Printing 4
I chose to have my poster to be 250%.  It fit perfectly onto a piece of chart paper!  By increasing the tile scale to 250%, I ended up with nine pages verses one page.  Once the pages were printed, I had to cut each piece so that they would fit together nicely.  Lastly, I glued all nine pages onto the chart paper.

By printing, cutting, and gluing, I saved myself a few bucks, time, and distance traveled.  These three things tend to be priceless these days!

The choice board pictured above came from Culminating Activities for the Fourth Grade Common Core Standards.  If you are a 5th grade teacher, there is a version for you also:  Culminating Activities for the Fifth Grade Common Core Standards.

4th and 5th Culminating
Hopefully, you will find this as useful as I did.  I am able to print activities, like the choice board, and keep from year-to-year!  Love it!

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