How to Organize Classroom Magazines

Behind my desk you will find a catch all basket.  It catches everything that I don’t have time for, don’t know what to do with, or have no desire to do anything with.  In this catch all basket, you will find a pile of Classroom Magazines.  Some are extras, some are editions that I have yet to use.  It’s actually an organized mess.  In the past I simple place them in a folder, in no order, and place that said folder in my file cabinet.

How to Organize Classroom magazines

I recently came up with a new way to organize my pile of classroom magazines.  I think it’s something I can keep up with too!

You will need two items; a binder and page protectors.  That’s it!

Organizing classroom magazines

Each edition has its own page projector.  I slide the magazine into the page protector.  Usually, each classroom magazine comes with a teaching guide.  The teaching guide is placed into the page protector too.  Also, anything else that I have created to supplement a specific edition such as an anticipation guide, graphic organizer, etc., is placed inside as well.

Organizing classroom magazines2

This system makes complete sense to me and is so easy to maintain!  Hopefully you find it useful too!

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