October Frenzy

October is one of my favorite months of the year, how about you?  I have put together a collection of activities just in time for October.  I hope that you will find a few of them useful!

Halloween Collage

The Geometric Scarecrow

Make a scarecrow using geometric shapes.  Students then explain their scarecrow using geometric terms.

Halloween scarecrow


Pumpkin Recipe

As a writing activity, give students a recipe card to take home.  Working with a grown-up, they find and write down their favorite recipe.  Once recipes are finished, collect them and make a classroom recipe book.  Parents and students will love this!

Halloween recipe

Cooperative Learning Grouping

Group your students with these fun Halloween pictures.  Give each student a card, and then group them according to the picture that they have.  All haunted houses group together, all jack-o-lanterns group together, etc.

Halloween Cooperative Learning

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Do you have a favorite or many favorite Halloween books that you read to your students each year?  Have them go on a scavenger hunt for Halloween words with this activity that can be use with any book!

Halloween scavenger hunt

Words from Halloween

Last, but not least, have your students use the letters in Halloween to make as many other words as they can.  For a fun wrap up, have them write a silly sentence using the words that they made.

Halloween Making words

You can download the above activities HERE in Shop Simplicity for free!

What activities do you do for Halloween, or is Halloween banned from your school?

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