A New Beginning & Discount


I spend eight hours a day; five days a week, for 180 days in my classroom and the decorating obsession tends to take over.  The way I see it my students and I spend a big chunk of our time together in our classroom and I want to make it as homey as possible.  I do have to admit, there are times in which I think I go overboard.
Here is a picture of my room on a day-to-day basis.
, A New Beginning & Discount
Here is my room now! 
, A New Beginning & Discount
Sad, sad, sad!!!!!!!  I took every bit of it home with me, why you may ask?  Well, I do have a reason.  I will get to that in a moment.  My home away from home is now packed within a closet in our shop building.  I even spent the extra time organizing it so that if I need anything, I know exactly where to find it. 
So, my reason for bringing it home is that I am moving districts.  I am excited about a change, but of course a bit nervous.  It will be all new.  With all the new that is coming my way, I have decided that my home away from home (a.k.a. my classroom) needs a new look!
I just so happened to have the opportunity to shop at MPM School Supplies.  They too are new to me.  I had a fantastic experience!  I already had in mind what I was looking for so I had high expectations when shopping.  Here is what I really liked about shopping with MPM School Supplies:
  • Easy to locate products
  • Prices were comparable and even a bit lower than other places I had shopped around at
  • Check out process was hassle free
  • Received my items in a timely manner
I will most definitely shop with MPM School Suppliesagain and recommend them to you, my readers!  They have passed on an offer that you may want to take advantage of.
For the first 25 orders received through the link below, you will receive 15% off of your order.  If you are looking to buy something don’t wait too long, an extra 15% off is well worth it!
Here is a sneak peak of the new décor I will be putting in my new home away from home!
, A New Beginning & Discount

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