How Google Forms Reduced My Grading

How did I not know this?!?!  Google Forms are not new of course, but automatically grading an assignment I collected within Google Forms??  An add-on for Google Forms that will grade for you!!!!   Why yes, tell me more I said!  That my friends was new to me!

How goog forms reduced my grading

It’s called Flubaroo, and it’s free!!  I was in heaven!

The process is quite simple actually.  Simple as long as you are familiar with creating a Google Form.  So here it goes, be prepared to be amazed! 🙂

First, and foremost, you will need to grab the Flubaroo add-on.  You will find the directions for that here.  Tip from a user, me of course, follow the directions exactly.  Also, if you are like me, you have different Google accounts.  When you add Flubaroo, be sure to be logged into the account that you will be creating a Google Form with.  When I first added Flubar0o, I was logged into my personal account.  Then, when I logged into my school account, I couldn’t find it.  That’s the reason!

For this post, I’m assuming that you are familiar with and know how to create a Google Form.  If you are not familiar, leave me a comment and I would be more than happy to assist!

Once you have your test/quiz/exit slip created in Google Form, things will begin to evolve by following these steps:

  1. Each form has an empty spreadsheet associated with it.  You will want to rename the sheet “Student Submissions”.  By renaming it, Flubaroo will be able to identify the test/quiz/exit slip.
  2. Create an answer key
    • Go to the live form.  This is where you will complete the quiz with the correct answers.  Once you have input the answers, click submit.  This will be the answer key to the form.
  3. Assign the Quiz
    • My 4th and 5th graders don’t have an e-mail address to use, so I simply place a link to the form on my website.  Students complete the test/quiz/exit slip and submit their answers.
  4. Grade It!
    • Once all the tests/quizzes/exit slips have been submitted, you will need to go to Add-Ons, Flubaroo, Grade Assignment.  
    • You will then be taken step-by-step for grading the assignment.
  5. Results
    • Once grading is complete a new worksheet is created and is named Grades.  You will find a grade for each student submission and a summary of all grades.
  6. Reports
    • To view a report, visual style, go to Add-Ons, Flubaroo, View Report.  The report shows the distribution of grades, and a button to email a copy of the report.



Why didn’t I know about this before??  I can easily create a Google Form, link it for my students to access and complete, and with a click of a button my grading is complete.  Amazing, I say!!

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