Friday Favorites – Back to School

I believe most would agree that Fridays take on a whole new meaning in summer.  As for this Friday, I cannot believe it is already the 9th day of August.  Oh summer where have you gone?  I just took my daughter back to school shopping for the first time today.  She starts Kindergarten!!!  I won’t go into it much, because I have a hard time controlling my emotions when it comes to thinking my baby girl is growing up.  So….I will head to my Friday Favorites.  This week I’m focusing on back to school.  Understandably so, don’t you think? 😉

Friday Favorites back to school

Read aloud:  How I Spent my Summer Vacation

One of the main topics when student return to school is what they did over the summer.  Some students go on extravagant vacations while others may not have gone anywhere.  That is why I like this book, because the summer vacation that the boy tells about is make believe.  When I have my students write about their summer, no one is left out.  They can either tell what they really did or make up a vacation!

Screenshot Jul 30 15.59.54

 DIY Craft: Magazine Holder

Use an empty cereal box,  cardstock, and duck tape to make your own color coordinating magazine holder.

DIY Magazine Holder

Pin:  Wall Art

We all have books sitting around with torn or missing pages.  I never want to throw them away so they simply stay behind my desk.  This is a great way to use those pages, Modge Podge them onto canvas boards.

Screenshot Jul 30 16.06.21

App:  TeacherKit

This app is a pretty neat one.  It allows you to input your students and include their picture and parent contact information.  You can also use it as a grade book.  Seems pretty handy!

Teacher App

Teaching Product:  The Choice Board (Complete 36 Week Set)

I love to give my early finishers something to do when they are done.  That is where The Choice Board comes in.  The complete 36 weeks are available or there is the option of purchasing the four 9 week sets individually.

Choice Board

Do you have favorite you would like to share?  Feel free to share a favorite of yours in the comments!

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