Differentiated Instruction with I have…Who has…

I have…Who has… is one of my all time favorite games for the classroom.  It amazes me that every year with every group of students this game is always a hit.  While it’s a challenge to complete, the entire class works together to complete one single task.  They become a team and rally each other.  I love it!

Differentiating Instruction Made Simple
When we play as a whole class,  we time ourselves.  We have a designated spot in the room where we keep our time recorded.  Each time we play, we try to beat the previous time.  Some days we don’t beat it, but boy when we do the students roar with excitement!  So much fun!

So, this is super fun and guess what?  It’s absolutely GREAT for differentiated instruction!  Here is how:

1.  The auditory learners are able to shine and do what they like best.

2.  Students that struggle with listening have to listen extra hard.

3.  Students that love to talk, they get their chance but have to wait their turn and work on patience.

4.  For those who don’t like to speak in front of others are required to speak, but they have the card in front of them and are able read it beforehand so they can be prepared.

5.  For the struggling students, you can give them an easy card so that they will be successful.

If you haven’t tried the I have…Who has… game, I encourage you to give it a try.  The first time you play it will be a little hard for students, and will take a chunk of time.  After your students become familiar with the game, I can assure you it gets better.  From experience, my classes can successfully play an entire game in under 5 minutes after some practice.

We have quite a collection of I have…Who has cards.  Many of them are free and perfect to get your students familiar with the game!  The links are below.

I have...Who has... games

Free I have…Who has… games:

Other I have…Who has games:

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