Cutting Practice Tests to Pieces

In about three weeks we will have tested and it will all be behind us, temporarily anyway.  Lately, my post have been consumed by all the test preparation, so I apologize up front if I seem to be redundant.  The thing is, and this too I have said, I have refused to get in the redundancy of review by completing worksheets and fill in the bubble practice.  So, I have a lot to share.  It’s all hands-on, engaging, and my students are enjoying it.

Today, I took a practice test and cut it to pieces!  Yes, you read it right, I cut it to pieces!

, Cutting Practice Tests to Pieces, Cutting Practice Tests to Pieces

The thing I haven’t told you yet, is that I cut the pieces so that we could use them for Ask-n-Switch.  It took me a total of about five minutes to make our review interactive.  Once I cut the practice test into pieces, I wrote the answer on the back.  I then had an instant class set of Geometry task cards!  We used this set of hodge-podge and not so pretty strips of paper to do Ask-n-Switch (see below for directions).

, Cutting Practice Tests to Pieces

Guess what?  My students reviewed test-like questions and thought we were playing a game.  Can’t get much better than that!

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