Build Your Own Binder

Are you overwhelmed with all the teacher binder options? Are you looking for the perfect binder, but can’t find it? Maybe you need some of its contents but not all of them, and you don’t want to pay for what you won’t use.

, Build Your Own Binder


Look no further! Now you can build your own teacher binder and pay for only what you want!  That’s right!!!  Build Your Own Binder!  It’s not just any binder, it’s the new and improved Teacher Binder that you can build yourself!  I am so excited about this and think that you will be too!



So, here’s how it works.  There are a total of five options within the Build Your Own Binder Series.  Each option contains the Core Edition.  Each option also contains a black and white version, and comes as a printable PDF and an editable PowerPoint.

The Core Edition contains core contents to help you be successful as a teacher.  It doesn’t contain the fluff.  Just the essentials.  Here’s a closer look.

Build Your Own Bundle Catalog

Also, the Core Edition includes 27+ Binder Cover themes with matching spines providing you with 1,310 different design options!!  (Binder Covers will periodically be added free of charge! :))

Binder cover options
A peak at a handful of the 1,310 options!

The Core Edition is the cheapest option, yet comes with some pretty amazing perks!

The Add-ons

Here is where the Build Your Own Binder gets exciting!  You can literally build your binder by purchasing only the items that you know you will use.  These are called add-ons, and there are a total of 15 options.

Add-On Option #1 {Pre-dated lesson plan pages in six different formats}

There is an entire year’s worth of pre-dated lesson plan pages here.  If you go to school year round or teach summer school, your dates are covered!  You choose one layout that will work best for you.

Predated lesson plan pages

Add-On Option #2 {Common Core Checklist for both Math and Language Arts}

Common Core Checklist

Add-On Option #3 {Student Info Forms}

Student info forms

Add-On Option #4 {RtI Forms}

RtI Forms

Add-On Option #5 {Meeting Info}

Meeting Info

Add-On Option #6 {Professional Development}

Professional Development

Add-On Option #7 {IEP at a Glance}

IEP at a Glance

Add-On Option #8 {Contacts}


Add-On Option #9 {Field Trip Forms}

field trip forms

Add-On Option #10 {Back to School Parent Pack}

Back to School parent Pack

Add-On Option #11 {Misc Forms}

Misc Forms

Add-On Option #12 {Grade Book Forms}

Grade Book Forms

Add-On Option #13 {Sub Binder}

Sub Binder

Add-On Option #14 {To-Do Lists}

To Do Lists

Add-On Option #15 {Notes}


Wow!  That was a lot!  To sum it all up for you, here’s the breakdown of the five options.

Core Binder

Basic Teacher Binder

Plus Teacher Binder

Premium Teacher Binder

All in One Teacher Binder

Are you ready to build your binder??  Build it HERE!

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