An iTheme Exit Board

I’m a self-proclaimed Apple products junky!  I love all things Apple, so it only made sense to create an exit board that incorporates the iPad!  My exit board is titled “iKnow That”.  It’s where students place their  iTicket(exit slip) as they walk out the door.  Since I wanted it to be their actual ticket out the door, it’s literally on my door.  The door isn’t that pretty, but the display makes up for it.

iKnow that


Each day, students are given a prompt that I write on the iPad.

Here is a close up of the mini iPads that students park their iTicket on.

iknow that2


This system of using an exit slip as the ticket out the door is far from original, but the iTheme made it original for my kiddos!  It peaked their interested and got them excited.  I’ll take that any day!

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