Do you have a spare bulletin board, cabinet, or wall in your classroom that needs filling?  I did, and the empty space was about to drive me nuts!  This is where the “Sneak Peek” comes in.  I needed a filler and came up with one that serves a great purpose.

I teach two 4th grade and two 5th grade math classes.  While we are in the middle of a unit, I post essential vocabulary words that relate to the standard that we will be learning next.  Students know that the “Sneak Peek” tells them a bit about what we we will be learning next, and it provides them with pre-exposure.  This in turn, helps to increase learning.

After the unit these posters remain on our math word wall for students to refer to throughout their learning.

Sneak Peek2

Sneak Peek

When we begin a new unit, students get crazy excited when they remember that they saw a concept on  “Sneak Peek”!  They have prior knowledge from the get go!


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