QR Code Reader for Chromebooks

My students love QR codes for checking their answers.  For some reasons, this opens a whole new level of engagement for them.  In my classroom we don’t have tablets, but my students have their own individual Chromebook.  I, of course Googled, “online qr code reader” and found a lot of options.  By using web based QR code reader, we are able to use the webcam on the Chromebook as our scanner.  It works perfectly!


QR Code Reader
QR codes in the classroom are easier than you think! Use the webcam on the Chromebook as a QR reader. Suggested online QR code websites are give on Tech Tip Tuesday.


Here are a couple of my favorites:

Web QR 

QR Code Scanner

Currently we are using QR codes to check answers when using our Fix-It Strips.


Fix it strips


To learn a bit more about them, you can check out the link below.

3rd and 4th Grade Fix-It Strips

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