10 Educational Websites for Kids

How many times have you heard a student ask you what website they can get on?  I have heard this question asked SO MANY times.  You would think as many times as I have been asked, I would have an unlimited number of responses.  It never fails I’m in the middle of helping another student or in transition, and then I get stumped.

I like to have a list of kid friendly websites available for my students so that they know exactly where they are allowed to go.  I also like to provide a wide variety to meet the interest of all my students.

Here is a list of 10 Educational kid friendly websites that I have approved for my students to visit:

101 educational websites for kids

Hooda Math

Greg Tang Math

Extreme Science

Science News for Kids

Kids Past

Go Social Studies Go

My Hero




Here are a couple of ways that I keep the educational websites at the fingertips of my students:

I have a binder that sits next to the computer with websites organized by subject.

10 educational websites for kids 1

I also have a large ring where the websites are attached.

10 educational websites for kids 2

If you are looking for something similar to mine above you can find the 101 Educational Websites for Kids that I use in my classroom.  You can find it HERE in Shop Simplicity!

Do you have a system for organizing websites for your students?

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