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The Word Work Assessments were created to assess students’ knowledge of word parts and their meaning of the words used in Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots and/or The Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes and Suffixes.

Each assessment is centered around the word parts for a specific target word. Word parts are applied to additional words where students will provide definitions, break apart words, use words in sentences, and make new real or nonsense words.

There are a total of 47 word assessments and corresponding answer keys.

For a step-by-step resources for teaching the prefixes and suffixes within the interactive notebook see:

Month by Month Word Study from Prefixes, Suffixes &; Roots

For the Word Work Interactive notebook see:
Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Suffixes

Students will interact and become experts with 35 of the most common prefixes, 36 most common suffixes, and 16 roots.

Prefixes included:
pre, anti, dis, de, im, un, in, en, sub, trans, com, non, mis, re, ir, fore, inter, over, under, semi, super, mid, tele, uni, con, multi, il, per, tri, poly, mega, auto, pro, col, micro

Suffixes included:
er, ian, ment, est, less, ly, ive, ence, or, ed, sion, ify, ity, ness, ous, ing, tion, en, able, ant, ance, ible, ent, ee, ure, al, y, ation, ic, ion, ize, ory, ary, ology, arium, es

Roots that have been added:
spec, pose, port, mov, form, fin, ang, gram, gon, mot, vis, aud, graph, vock/voc, bio, terr

Be sure to check out these additional word work resources:
Word Work Practice~Prefixes
Word Work Practice ~ Suffixes

Mandy Neal
Teaching With Simplicity

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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