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These 10 engaging third-grade multiplication math centers will keep your students focused during independent math centers while you meet with your guided math groups. These centers are easy to set up, implement, and store!

Students use one math booklet to record their responses to each center. The booklet is simple to assemble and just the right size for students to keep track of.

The centers include a combination of matching, sorts, word problems, and more!

What’s included:

10 different math centers

  1. Using the Commutative Property
  2. Writing Equations
  3. Drawing Arrays
  4. Find the Missing Factor
  5. Multiply by Multiples of 10
  6. Distributive Property Puzzles
  7. Properties Sort
  8. Create a Multiplication problem
  9. Word Problems
  10. Create a Problem

The centers are provided in color and also black and white to meet your printing needs.

These math centers correspond with the 3rd-grade exit tickets and practice pages.

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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