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The Prefix and Suffix Interactive Notebook has undergone a comprehensive transformation!

Are you ready to take your students' vocabulary skills to the next level? This resource is a game-changer when teaching prefixes and suffixes to your students. With Morphology Made Easy, you can wave goodbye to the stress of lesson planning and say hello to an all-inclusive solution!

New Key Features:

Weeklong Lessons for Each Word Part: Every prefix and suffix in the original interactive notebook comes with a meticulously designed lesson plan that spans an entire week. This structure allows for in-depth exploration and reinforces learning for long-term retention.

Simplified Assembly: With less cutting and gluing required, you can dedicate more time to teaching rather than prepping materials.

Access to Original Content: In addition to the revamped version, you’ll retain access to the original Prefix and Suffix Interactive Notebook. This means more resources at your disposal to cater to different teaching styles and student needs.

Our Morphology Made Easy lessons ensure that your students can master prefixes and suffixes in just 10 minutes a day! Each ready-to-go lesson offers an entire week of activities, such as: a mini-lesson, interactive notebook activity, task cards, and an assessment.

All the planning and groundwork is done for you. Each lesson comes with all the materials to teach, practice, and evaluate the weekly prefix or suffix. All you must do is download, print, and start teaching!

Each unit is designed to help your students learn prefixes and suffixes. Students learn what the prefix and suffix are and the meaning of each specific affix. The activities are easy to prep and once routines are in place should only take about 10 minutes a day. By the end of the week, students will be able to confidently identify and apply the affix.

Please Note: THIS IS A GROWING BUNDLE for 35 prefixes and 36 suffixes. By purchasing the bundle now, you will save HUGE!! The value of the completed bundle will be $227.50, so grab yours now!

What is a growing bundle? A growing bundle means I will be adding the Morphology Made Easy units as I create them. You will be able to easily access each unit within your purchases. When the bundle is complete, there will be 35 week-long prefix units and 36 week-long suffix units.

The units that are included NOW are listed below!

Here is what will be included when the bundle is complete:

Included Prefixes:

pre, anti, dis, de, im, un, in, en, sub, trans, com, non, mis, re, ir, fore, inter, over, under, semi, super, mid, tele, uni, con, multi, il, per, tri, poly, mega, auto, pro, col, micro

Included Suffixes:

er, ian, ment, est, less, ly, ive, ence, or, ed, sion, ify, ity, ness, ous, ing, tion, en, able, ant, ance, ible, ent, ee, ure, al, y, ation, ic, ion, ize, ory, ary, ology, arium, es

Each Weekly Lesson Includes:

⭐ Step-by-Step Teacher Guide

The easy-to-follow Teacher Guide breaks down the lessons step-by-step, providing clear instructions and guiding you through Morphology Made Easy.

⭐ PowerPoint Mini Lesson

The lesson is completely done for you! Simply present the PowerPoint and get students interacting. Slides 1-6 are informational. They introduce the students to the new prefix. The rest of the slides ask students to turn to a partner and share their thinking.

⭐ Anchor Chart

There's a projectable anchor chart with its corresponding student version for interactive notebooks. This visual aid brings the lessons to life!

⭐ Interactive trifold notebook activity

There are two options:

Option 1: Copy the trifold with the blank side. Attach trifold to the right side of the interactive notebook. On the left side, glue the “My Word List” header to the top of the page. This page will be where they write the words they find on Wednesday during the word detective activity.

Option 2: If you don’t want to use the interactive notebook option, create a complete trifold that contains the “My Word List” on the back.

⭐ Word Hunt PowerPoint Slide

Students need to see and use words and their word parts beyond simply memorizing them. On day three, students to look within their own reading and in content area texts such as math, science, and social studies to find words that contain the prefix.

⭐ Task Cards

The task cards allow students to practice everything they have gone over for the week.

Two options are provided.

1. Projectable version for whole class

2. Printable task cards for partner practice and/or centers

⭐ One-page assessment

On day five, students are assessed over what they have learned within the unit.

Each week follows the same easy to implement routines.

  1. Monday: Interactive PowerPoint mini lesson to introduce students to the affix of the week.
  2. Tuesday: Interactive notebook activity
  3. Wednesday: Task cards
  4. ️Thursday: Word hunt
  5. Friday: Assessment

Say goodbye to the struggle of teaching prefixes and suffixes and hello to Morphology Made Easy! Get your hands on this comprehensive resource today and watch your students soar to new heights in vocabulary!

Before you can started, you can try out a FREE unit here!

Still have questions? Email me at [email protected].

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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