Math Test Prep and Reading Test Prep Vocabulary

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The Math Test Prep and Reading Test Prep Vocabulary is the perfect tool to prepare your students for standardized testing.

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Did you know that researchers estimate 85% of achievement test scores are based on the vocabulary of the standards?

With that in mind, that is why I created the Interactive Notebook for Test Prep Vocabulary. Students will interact and become experts with 42 of the most critical verbs found with the Common Core State Standards. These words are not specific to any one subject area, which makes them versatile. The words are not grade-specific, because they are appropriate for a wide range of grade levels.

Each of the 42 words contains a definition and illustration. Also, within each interactive notebook page, students are to provide a synonym, antonym, and sentence for the word. In addition, students are to give examples of how they might see and/or use the word in math and reading.

A teacher resource page with a full-page colored example of each word is provided. The resource page also provides the teacher with a synonym, antonym, and ways the word might be used in math and reading.

Everything you and your students need to become experts with these high-frequency Common Core verbs is right here!

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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