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The Flexible Seating Toolkit provides you will everything you need to get started with flexible seating in your classroom. It includes posters, clip charts, anchor chart headers, and more!! All text is 100% editable and all resources can be printed in color or in black and white. You pick!

All text is 100% editable! In your classroom do you call it an exercise ball or a yoga ball? A futon or a couch? Since all text is 100% editable, you can change the name of each seating option to match what YOU want it called.

Flexible seating options include:

Puffy chair

Camp chair



Lap Desk

Scoop seat

Hokki stool

Bucket chair

Director chair

Crate seat

Rolling chair

Bean bag

Butterfly chair

Rocking chair


Crate bench


Exercise disk

Exercise ball

The flexible seating expectations uses the acronym FLEX. There are only four expectations so that students aren’t overwhelmed with all the “rules”. These four expectations encompass what is expected of students. Since all text it editable, if you want more expectations, you can type them in!

Expectations provided on each flexible seating option are VERY generic. For each option, as a class, we create an anchor chart for what it looks like to use each seat properly and what it doesn’t look like. This approach gives students ownership of the expectations and they are more likely to follow through with them since they had a part in creating the expectations.

With partners, have students brainstorm what each seating option should look like and should not look like. Choose 1-2 seating options to focus on daily, not all at once. Once partners have completed their chart, as a class create an anchor chart to share ideas as a class. Hang them up in the class. Eventually transfer your class responses to the posters by typing in your information to give students.

To make your handwritten anchor charts pop a bit more, headings are provided for you to print out and attach to the top of your chart.

Use the clip chart method for students to hold their seating option. Another option would be to adhere the seating options to a magnetic surface where students place their name or number on the seating option that they chose.

Inform your parents about flexible seating with the letter to parents.

Also, students sign a contract recognizing that they know the flexible seating expectations.

If you have additional questions, please contact me at [email protected]!

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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