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This classroom economy is like no other. It’s super simple to implement, manage and it’s budget friendly! It's an award system and behavior management all in one!

Why is it so simple?

1. Pick one of the six classroom money designs. Print the classroom money on cardstock, and you’re ready to go!

Emoji dollars

Generic dollars

Kid dollars

Monster dollars

Superhero dollars

Robot dollars

2. Start with a set amount of money to give students. I give my students 25 classroom dollars to start the new school year. For those that begin throughout the year, they get the same amount to start.

3. Decide on how students can earn classroom dollars. Within the implementation guide, I give specific examples of how they earn money. I keep it VERY simple. They have the opportunity to earn 10 classroom dollars per day. While classroom dollars are great for using to pay students for classroom jobs, I have found it to be too much and have found a much simpler solution!

4. There is NO need to buy and/or collect items for students to buy with their classroom money. All that you need is included, because student purchase coupons. These coupons were designed to use what you already have in your classroom.

5. Coupon Day is when student purchase the coupons. Students only buy coupons once a week (or as many times as you choose), no need to have things available all the time!

Coupon day is short and sweet. I can justify spending 30 minutes every week for awarding students, because they have given me 35+ hours of their hard work and dedication.

6. I truly believe in positive reinforcement, but sometimes students do need consequences. Taking recess is my least favorite consequence and is the very last resort for me! Instead of taking five minutes of recess, adding checkmarks, flipping cards, etc., when students do not follow expectations they “owe me 5”. When I say, “You owe me 5,” they know that they owe me five classroom dollars. My students DO NOT like to give up their classroom money!

7, As a result of my classroom expectations (also included in the Implementation Guide), I have used the same exact coupons and classroom money for the last four years!!

What’s included

A nine page Implementation guide

Classroom money in 6 different designs and matching binder cover

50+ coupons

Still have questions???

Email me at [email protected], and I would be more than happy to help!

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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