3rd Grade Math Review & Quizzes | Homework | Morning Work | 2nd QUARTER

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The 3rd Grade Daily Spiral Review is perfect for morning work, homework, or guided math centers. Daily math review keeps students reviewing critical math skills throughout the school year. Skills are not abandoned yet reviewed throughout the entire year!

What’s included

• 9 weeks of practice (36 daily quizzes and 9 weekly quizzes)

• 1 quiz per week

• Days 1 through 4: 1 quiz per day, 5 problems per quiz

• Day 5: Assessment – 10 problems aligned to the weekly practice

• Scope and Sequence: Easily keep track of what skills and standards are begin addressed each week!


• 100% editable

• Grade-specific

• Standards-based skills

• Scaffolded practice


2nd Quarter Standards Addressed (Weeks 10-18)

•Interpret Whole-number Quotients Of Whole Numbers (3.OA.2)

•Problem solving with Multiplication and Division (3.OA.3)

•Find the Unknown Number (3.OA.4)

•Apply Properties (3.OA.5

•Multiply and Divide within 100 (3.OA.7)

•Multi-Step Problem Solving (3.OA.8)

•Identify Arithmetic Patterns (3.OA.9)

•Round to the Nearest 10 and 100 (3.NBT.1)

•Adding & Subtracting Number to 1,000 (3.NBT.2)

•Multiply with Multiples of 10 (3.NBT.3)

•Elapsed Time (3.MD.1)

•Data and Graphs (3.MD.3)

•Classifying Shapes (3.G.1)

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Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity
Mandy Neal at Teaching With Simplicity

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