Printable + Digital Poetry Writing Flipbook

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The printable + digital poetry flipbook was created with the idea that each teacher could pick and choose the poems that they want their students to focus on, and it would be something that they would want to keep! This tiny book provides many different combinations, 28 to be exact! How is that so? The flipbook was created to include a cover and six pages. There are a total of eight poem patterns and each poem pattern comes in six different sizes allowing you or your students to create the flipbook of your choice. Poetry Patterns that are included:
  1. Haiku
  2. Cinquain
  3. Acrostic
  4. Limerick
  5. Diamante
  6. Quatrain
  7. Clerihew
  8. Free Verse
There are many options for creating the flipbook. Two of my favorite options are: Allow students to choose the pages that they want to use to complete their flipbook so that it’s individualized specifically to them. To save paper, have students decide the pages they want to include before making copies. Have the entire class create the same book.
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