Greek and Latin Roots Interactive Notebook Activities

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Students will interact and become experts with 97 of the most common Greek & Latin roots. What you will find: Full page colorful examples of each Greek & Latin root are included in the notebook. The roots are organized alphabetically so that you can easily find the roots that you want to focus on when you want to. Each page contains a “My Word List”. This provides students with a place to write words that they already know or come across in their daily reading. A notebook sized poster that explains what a root word is. Each Greek and Latin root page contains a variety of student printables, templates, and interactive tools. The meaning of each Greek and Latin root is provided. When possible, you will find that multiple student copies are provided on one page in order to reduce copying. Each root page within the notebook contains 3-8 predetermined words that contain the Greek or Latin root. Definitions for the 400+ words are provided in order to assist the teacher in guiding students. Blank printables for each root are provided. These are provided so that you have the option to add specific words in order to meet the needs of you, your students, and specific curriculum. The roots within the Word Work Interactive Notebook include: act, ang, anim, ann, aqua, arch, ast/astr, aud, bio, brev, cap, centr, cept, clud, cogn, cycl, dem, div, doc, duc, fac, fig, form, fract, gen, geo, gon, grad, gram, graph, grat, hydr, ject, jud, junct, jus, leg, loc, log, mand, mar, mater/matr, max, mem, meter, min, miss, mit, mob, morph, mot, nat, neg, not, nov, noun, numer, onym, ord, orig, path, ped, pel, phil, phon, photo, poli, pop, port, psych, ques, rect, reg, rid, rupt, san, scend, sci, scop, scrib, sign, spec, sta, sect, sens, serv, strict, struct, sum, tact, terr, therm, tract, trib, urb, vis, zoo *Make sure to download the preview for closer look* Be sure to check out these additional word work resources: Word Work Interactive Notebook for Prefixes & Suffixes Word Work Practice~Prefixes Word Work Practice ~ Suffixes Mandy Neal Teaching With Simplicity
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